Sunkissed Paper is my creation, my work and my passion. On most days you'll find me indulging in a morning cup of coffee, ending it with an amazing sunset on the beach, and enjoying all the simple things in between. Born and raised on the eastern end of Long Island, I worked for over 10 years as a graphic designer in New York before packing up my car and driving cross-country to a new adventure on the golden coast of Southern California. I have always been a lover of the ocean, a sun-kissed tan and taking chances.

It is through Sunkissed Paper I gets to share my excitement for all things paper, print, colors, and sharing my unique personal style and vision. I dove in head first, not once looking back, to live my dream as a business owner with the loving support of family and friends. I believes that life should be celebrated with enthusiasm and I enjoy helping my clients make the details of their own celebrations unforgettable.

When I'm not designing, chances are I'm exploring new places in San Diego, making excuses to get friends together or concocting some ridiculous project to keep busy. If not, then you can find me hopping on a flight back to New York to visit those I miss dearly.